Quarantine Journals: My Work From Home Setup

When quarantine kicked in, for some reason I had the vague notion we’d be back on the streets by August. I had no idea how terribly I’d underestimated the virus, and how confidently I’d overestimated my government’s willingness to address it. Now we’re well into August, and things still don’t bode well for us. Right […]

COMMAND LINE: My Journey Into Coding – Part 1

Command Line is an ongoing blog series where I write about technology, data science, and software engineering. To read more posts in this series, click here. In a recent video call with my closest friends from college, I mentioned that I’ve lately been gravitating away from data analysis and into software engineering. While I remember […]

Quarantine Journals: A Requiem For Caecilia

Our first computer was a desktop that my father and I bought piecemeal from various hardware stores around Baclaran back when I was seven or eight. This was in the early 2000’s, when we still bought those ISP cards to connect to the internet, and connection was nowhere near decent until around midnight – and […]