I am a short story writer and statistician born and raised in the Philippines. My works have appeared or are forthcoming in publications in and out of my home country, among them Philippines Graphic, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Liwayway, The Brasilia Review, TAYO Literary Magazine, and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.

Featured Stories

A Firsthand Account of the End of the World

For all my hypothesizing of how the world would end, I completely miscalculated. [More]

Japan: The Nation of Vending Machines

Every time I see a vending machine, I study the prices. I wonder how much they’ll charge for a serving of human connection. [More]

The Empty Northern Hemisphere

They would light a fire and eat dinner while looking out at the tides, seeing nothing but an ocean so infinite it touched the sky, unaware that had only the world been made flat, they would have been staring straight at each other. [More]

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Statistics and Data Science

I am an assistant professor for statistics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. My statistical work focuses largely on statistical quality control, nonparametric statistics, and regression-based analysis with applications in quality control, bioinformatics, computational linguistics and natural language processing.

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Ebbs of Nostalgia

I am a sucker for movies about loneliness, especially when that loneliness is set against the backdrop of the looming metropolis. This is probably a result of my having grown up on the novels of Bret Easton Ellis and and Jay MacInerney, paired with the cinema of Wong Kar Wai and Lino Brocka. It’s an …