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(Un-)Reading: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

Reading this book was a very disappointing experience. Reviews of 12 Rules For Life parade Peterson as a kind of intellectual prophet, and the blurb itself claims its author to provide, in the four hundred pages or so that make up the book’s unnecessary long run, “nuanced messages about personal responsibility”. The review that follows […]

Reading All Of Faulkner: Soldiers’ Pay

I’ve had the idea for this challenge for a while now – have been, in fact, ready with most of the books purchased and shelved for the better part of a year – only I could never quite get started for two reasons: (1) I am lazy, and (2) I’ve read some Faulkner before and […]

Carla and the Uncanny Valley

The idea of marrying my two primary preoccupations – statistics and literature – has been in the back burner of my mind for as long as the split began. I went through high school thinking I was going to take a course in comparative literature in university, but come the time to actually decide my […]

Quarantine Journals: Another Drug Case Botched

I have to hand it to the people in charge, they never seem to run out of things to say or do to completely baffle the entire nation. Today, I woke up to the following news on the DZMM TeleRadyo’s official twitter page: Reading this is just absolutely painful for me. The rider is clearly […]


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