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I’m writing this a third of the way through my last month as knowledge management head, in-house data science and visualization expert, and all-around clown for the Quality Management division of Jollibee Worldwide Services (the services arm of the much bigger, much more delicious-sounding Jollibee Foods Corporation). It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent, as …

Getting It Out There

Today, the preprint for my thesis finally goes live on arXiv. The paper is a condensed version of the original, hundred-or-so page manuscript that now sits in hardback in my shelf among my prized collections of textbooks and monographs. My initiation, so to speak, into the world of academia. My adviser and examiners had the …

(Un-)Reading: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

Reading this book was a very disappointing experience. Reviews of 12 Rules For Life parade Peterson as a kind of intellectual prophet, and the blurb itself claims its author to provide, in the four hundred pages or so that make up the book’s unnecessary long run, “nuanced messages about personal responsibility”. The review that follows …


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